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À PROPOS DU FILM "Beauté trompeuse"

Avec sa beauté et son esprit, Maiko cherche un homme qui lui convienne. Un soir, elle trouve Taro, un candidat au poste de premier ministre. Tout se passe bien comme elle l'avait prévu, mais il découvre qu'elle est en fait une "youma" qui détruit le pays. Quel est leur destin ?

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The other star coming back to this film is #AlphaCentauri.
Yes, it's the planet Halle, a girl from Part 0 & 1, is from! 🌟 Althogh Halle won't come back to "The Age of Elohim", the spirit of Alpha Centauri is carried away.

Through back to the scene from Part 0 🙂

Thanks to @worldfilmgeek !!😊

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In three days!
Beautiful Lure will be available on VOD in North America!! 🇺🇸🇨🇦

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It’s the last video of all!! According to the Oxford dictionary, "Dharma" means "an aspect of truth or reality". So Dharma Power is the power that guides yourself and others✨This song is full of lessons itself!

Beautiful Lure will be coming soon as VOD & VOD in 10 days!!! 🎥✨

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