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Avec sa beauté et son esprit, Maiko cherche un homme qui lui convienne. Un soir, elle trouve Taro, un candidat au poste de premier ministre. Tout se passe bien comme elle l'avait prévu, mais il découvre qu'elle est en fait une "youma" qui détruit le pays. Quel est leur destin ?

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The details in the film have to be "true". The world of "Beautiful Lure" is expressed with great care… 🥀

Available on VOD & DVD
August 10th

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The director talks about how the starring actors were. You will feel the strong determination of @naohasegawa74 and @ichihara_ryoma because afoxy demon🦊 and a monk👨🏻‍🦲 are not easy roles to play... but actors did it well in #beautifullure. 👏

Available on VOD & DVD / August 10th

What was the most difficult thing to express in this film? What is the difference between YOUMA, a foxy demon and DEMONs? 🦊

Here is the director Akabane's answer. …Be careful not be caught by either of them.

#beautifullure #moderntale #paintedskin #youma

“The question is whether we realize the true beauty in the face of this seductive beauty."
How can we be sure that we are not deceived by superficial information...?

🥀#BeautifulLure - A Modern Tale of Painted Skin
Available on VOD & DVD
August 10th, 2021

Note the date, August 10th, 2021 on your calendar! 🗓 Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of “Painted Skin” will be released on VOD&DVD in North America!! 🥀
We have received some comments from the director, producer and actors, so starting from today, let us share their messages ✨

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